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Our mission at Club 44 Foundation is simple.  In honoring the life of a simple man who loved his small town and those around him.  Jamie wore the number 44, and in recent years his son Logan began wearing the number 44. 

The ripple effect that Jamie created in both life and death is deep and expansive.  Our prayer is that each of us will be able to create our own ripple effect to carry on his unconditional love for others, his zest for life, and his dedication to our communities.

The building being erected at the Mt. Calvary Athletic Club stand as the physical legacy of Jamie Mertens. 

Club 44 Foundation will serve as a generational gift to those around us in forms of annual scholarships, volunteer projects, and project improvements for all of our small town communities.

This saying best describes Jamie and one we all hope to become.

"Be somebody

Who makes

Everybody feel

Like a somebody"

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